Automotive Ceramic Coating

Our high temp ceramic coatings are your best protection for any automotive high-heat parts. Protection for headers and other exhaust pipes extend the life of the part and add good looks as well. Turbo systems also benefit from ceramic coatings and can extend their service life. Decrease your under hood temperatures now with our durable ceramic coatings available in many custom colors.

Automotive Ceramic Coating

Your car sees endless hours of abuse,  whether it be from intense heat, road grime, off-road adventures, winter salt spray, or track hits.  If you want your ride to last as long as you do, it’s going to take a durable finish!  Our custom powder coating services has you covered.  Many material lines of powder coating have been purpose built and designed for the automotive industry. 

Chevrolet, Ford, BMW, Audi, and many more all use powder coating in their production line because of the cost effectiveness and quality of protection it provides.  The benefit to a custom applicator like ourselves is the added attention to detail when it comes to prepping your product.  This additional detail will ensure a longer life span and resist chipping due to lack of an etched surface.

Why Choose Ceramic Coating?

Exceptional Heat Resistance

The high temperature sprayed on ceramics that we use can accept up to 1800°F, making them the perfect coating for exhaust pipes, headers, manifolds, intakes, turbo housings, motor mounts, differential housings and brackets!

Multiple Finish Options

Ceramic Coatings are offered in a handful of color options. With the advancements in technology, we are now able to offer multiple finish options including a polishable chrome like finish, flat or matte black, or even a sleek satin finish!

Decrease Engine Bay Temperatures

Not only will these finishes protect from corrosion at high temperatures, ceramic coating will helps in decreasing engine bay temperatures by containing the heat within the tubing and in turn, optimizing your engine's performance!



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