Residential Powder Coating

Wherever there is metal around your home, Crazy Coatings has the tools needed to give that slab of metal the fresh coat it needs.

We offer residential powder and ceramic coating in Middletown, Delaware, and have coated doorknobs, metal benches, decorations, bicycles, patio furniture, and fences, among other things.

Our coatings can provide your different items in or around your home with a distinct look. Powder coatings are more durable than paint, are better for the environment and unquestionably, provide a superior look.

The color and texture options our customers can choose from are limitless, so do not be afraid to get creative! Again, we apply our top-notch coatings to anything that is metal in your home.

If you have any general or specific questions, or if you would like to discuss something you’d like coated in or around your home, please contact us today.