Motorcycle Powder Coating

Many custom Motorcycle shops utilize the powder coating process to create unique one-of-a-kind bikes with the wide range of options that powder coating provides. We routinely coat a wide variety of parts for all makes of bikes. We can coat your metal engine parts, shocks, triple trees, handlebars, frames, and wheels just to name a few. Powder coating provides a long-lasting protective finish for your next project.

Motorcycle Exhaust Coating

The look, style and condition of a motorcycle says a lot about the owner, making it essential you do what you can to keep your motorcycle and your investment in pristine condition.

One way to improve the look and functionality of your motorcycle is through custom coating. Crazy Coatings offers motorcycle parts and exhaust coating in Middletown, Delaware, improving the appearance of your motorcycle in the process, while simultaneously improving the power and the durability of those parts as well. Coatings are an excellent short and long-term investment; in the short-term, it will make your motorcycle more visually pleasing, and in the long-term, it will help protect your parts against common wear and tear.

As well, we provide motorcycle vinyl graphics to add a bit of panache to your ride and help it stand out from similar models.

To begin the process of customizing your motorcycle through vinyl graphics and coatings, please contact one of our specialists today.

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Why Choose Powder Coating?


There are many advantages to choosing Powder Coating over tradition or sprayed on painting. The first being a fraction of the price.


BUT with added resistance to chipping, flaking, color fade and other wear. This is due to the oven cured process with the ability to have a greater material thickness.


Just because it's based around an industrial durability doesn't mean it can't look as good as a custom metallic paint job.

Color Choices

Powder coatings have come quite a long way in developing endless color choices!



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