Industrial Metal Coating

Crazy Coatings has helped businesses in a wide array of industries improve the visual appeal of their business with our coating services. We offer industrial metal fence and gate coating in Middletown, Delaware, ensuring our clients have the curb appeal they desire.

Regardless of the custom fabrication you need, we are committed to providing you with an ultra-quick turnaround at a fair price. There are countless benefits to using a powder coat instead of paint, including the fact powder coat has a superior look, lasts longer and is better for the environment.

Keep in mind, we can coat anything that is metal, so if there is certain equipment, stair railings or other metal objects inside or outside of your business, we can give it the coat it needs to ensure it leaves a favorable impression of your business for employees, customers and outsiders.

To learn more about the benefits of powder coating, or to inquire about an estimate, please contact us today.