Marine/Aero Powder Coating

As you know, Salt is deadly to any metal…especially when water is introduced. In the world of marine use, the more protection against corrosion the better. This is why we will fully strip your parts and apply a heavy coat of out-gassing forgiving primer before applying a super-durable powder coated top coat. This combination has been tested to be able to withstand 3000+ salt spray hours before any signs of corrosion.

Marine Vehicle Coating

Salt and surf can wreak havoc on your boat or personal watercraft. Fortunately, Crazy Coatings can help restore the original look of your watercraft and offer protective coating to keep it looking great and above the waves.

Rust can form on any vessel, especially if there’s even the tiniest blemish or scratch. If you’ve bumped into a rock or eroded the original coating while beaching your boat or unloading your Jet Ski, it could turn into a problem spot. With Crazy Coatings’ protective coating services, we can provide our customers from all around Delaware with the coverage they need at our Middletown facility.

We also offer aircraft coating services. Our durable, chemical-resistant powder coatings helps to protect all of your surfaces, including the metal chassis and other exposed components. Keeping your plane or ultralight protected from the elements ensures that rust and corrosion can’t poke holes in your paneling or allow moisture and dirt to damage to the engine.

We offer a wide range of aeronautic- and aquatic-friendly coatings, all available in a full spectrum of custom colors and textures for our clients. For more information on our powder coating or ceramic coating services, contact us today!

Why Choose Powder Coating?


There are many advantages to choosing Powder Coating over tradition or sprayed on painting. The first being a fraction of the price.


BUT with added resistance to chipping, flaking, color fade and other wear. This is due to the oven cured process with the ability to have a greater material thickness.


Just because it's based around an industrial durability doesn't mean it can't look as good as a custom metallic paint job.

Color Choices

Powder coatings have come quite a long way in developing endless color choices!



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