Sandblasting & Media Blasting Specialists

The ravages of time can make metal objects rust, ruining the good look and finish of your favorite items. However, Crazy Coatings can help you prepare your car, motorcycle, fencing or heavy equipment to look like new again with our sand blasting services.

Before you apply a new protective or finishing coating, sand blasting removes the remaining worn finish, exposing the clean surfaces beneath. Whatever kind of metal refinishing work you’re performing, our sand blasting specialists will restore the original look of the metal and get it ready for a refreshed look. Whether it’s automotive sand blasting, exposing clean surface to restore a classic car or repaint your prized vehicle, or metal sand blasting to clear off rust from an old fence, a well-used bulldozer or any other fixture, we can help.

With nearly six decades of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help make your items look brand new again. From preparation to powder coating, Crazy Coatings serves Middletown and greater Delaware with top-notch sand blasting services. For more information, contact us today!

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Crazy Coatings

Crazy Coatings