Crazy Coatings Terms of Agreement will be upheld under any circumstance for all customer parts sent to us for any coating we apply.

We are not responsible for bad welding and or metal structure for customers parts coming into our facility. Our cleaning and or stripping process can reveal weakened areas that were not noticeable before work has begun on these pieces. If we encounter a problem we will stop and notify the customer of the problem that has arised and come up with a solution to repair this and continue work. Customer will be responsible for any additional charges that may apply.

All parts must be picked up within 7 days of us contacting and informing the customer that their order is completed. A charge of $10 per day for orders under $100 will be added to the total, orders over $100 will be billed an additional 10% for everyday past 7 days if not picked up. Any order left more than 60 days past the date we have contacted the customer will become property of Crazy Coatings.

The customer is responsible for ensuring no foreign material resides in all parts received back from Crazy Coatings ie. Media, masking materials, foreign objects etc. Any item we remove from customers order, will be set aside,charged accordingly and given back to the customer, we will not reassemble any components.

Crazy Coatings

Crazy Coatings